IZOLYATSIA, a non-profit, non-governmental cultural foundation based in Kyiv, and AS220, a multi-service, grassroots arts collective based in Providence, RI, come together through Confronting Violence Through Youth-oriented Media (CVTYM), a project that empowers young people traumatized and displaced by the conflict in Ukraine and youth in Rhode Island to envision a bold, new world through creative expression. The CVTYM a.k.a. Brighter Worlds is a Museums Connect project made possible by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

The goal of Brighter Worlds is to involve Ukrainian and American youth who have experienced hardship in their lives into an active role in their communities, teach new skills, creative methods of self-expression, and ways to promote their ideas, offer self-improvement opportunities, and demonstrate to the youth that regardless of external factors, they are the only ones responsible for designing their bright futures.

The open call for recruiting students and instructors for the project continued through February 2015. Based on the results of the open call 4 instructors and 10 students were recruited. The education programme that includes seminars, lectures, meetings, workshops, exhibitions launched on March 5, 2015. The student exhibi­tions in Kyiv and Providence will take place in summer 2016.


ІЗОЛЯЦІЯ, неприбуткова неурядова платформа культурних ініціатив, що базується у Києві, а також AS220, мистецький колектив із Провіденса, США, об’єдналися у проекті Confronting Violence Through Youth-oriented Media (CVTYM), спрямованому на те, щоб залучити українську і американську молодь зі складним життєвим досвідом до активної позиції у своїх громадах, навчити новим навичкам, креативним засобам самовираження та просування творчих ідей, відкрити можливості самовдосконалення та довести молодим людям, що попри будь-які зовнішні обставини, їхнє майбутнє залежить тільки від них.